"die slow (deluxe edition)"

 mixtapes - kotzboy

tape spielt 70 min.


ruby throat house of thieves the ventriloquist
htrk dream filter myspace.com
fever ray keep the streets empty for me fever ray
soap & skin fall foliage lovetune for vacuum
deerhunter rainwater cassette exchange rainwater cassette exchange
placebo battle for the sun battle for the sun
htrk she's seventeen marry me tonight
the northern territories private star orange moon
gossip heavy cross music for men
health die slow die slow
thunderheist nothing 2 step 2 thunderheist
peaches i feel cream i feel cream
the low frequency in stereo solar system futuro
archive children they feed controlling crowds
telepathe michael (atticus ross remix) myspace.com
the yeah yeah yeahs heads will roll it's blitz
pj harvey & john parish black hearted love a woman a man walked by