"with my lips alone"
mixtape by valentina fanigliulo (mushy)

mixtapes - kotzboy


mushy my life so far breathless
mushy losing days faded heart
laura drescher aurora panopticon
ombre dawning believe you me
bohren & club of gore irrwege piano nights
mushy piano solo  
nina simone

black is the color of my true love's hair (live at town hall)

blixa bargeld workuta commissioned music
the caretaker false memory syndrome

persistent repetition of phrases

deux filles the city sleeps silence & wisdom
francis harris minutes of sleep minutes of sleep
tropic of cancer beneath the light permissions of love
bookhouse sycamore trees ghostwood
scott walker farmer in the city tilt
piero ciampi

non chiedermi più

piero litaliano

nico fidenco

monica's flight  
diamanda galas

hastayim yasiyorum

defixiones - will and testament

mazhar me fuat

gullerin inciden


michael o'shea

guitar no.1 (take 1)  

the wraiths and the strays of paris

black antlers
mushy no more (soft metals remix)  
mushy to be lost breathless