"pet communicator"

 mixtapes - kotzboy

tape spielt 65 min.


telepathe pet communicator farewell forrest
daedelus fair weather friends love to make music to
the prodigy invaders must die invaders must die
black moth super rainbow zodiac girls drippers
the declining winter we used to read books goodbye minnesota
women black rice


htrk disco (demo) marry me tonight
chevaliers for now (demo)  
pavement the killing moon brighten the corners (nicene creedence 2-cd deluxe edition)
monochrome die dinge wie sie sind cache
deerhoof the tears and music of love offend maggie
autolux fat kid ep (tba)
nine inch nails the four of us are dying the slip
daedelus feat. michael johnson for withered friends for withered friends
bomb the bass no bones future chaos
telepathe i can't stand it dance mother