"vhs dream"

 mixtapes - kotzboy

tape spielt 60 min.


deerhunter vhs dream microcastle (weird era cont. = cd 2)
liars rose and licorice atheists, reconcider (oneida split ep)
jessamine say what you can the long arm of coincidence
fuck buttons colours move (radio edit) colours move
those dancing days space hero suits in our space hero suits
secret shine cafe' crash all of the stars
blue orchids no looking back

a darker bloom

htrk ksext true mix (k, ksext, errgghhh) unreleased
to kill a petty bourgeoisie lenard grey retire early
au revoir simone lark (ruff and jam remix) reverse migrations
lykke li breaking it up youth novel
oneida every day is a child with teeth atheists, reconcider (liars split ep)
those dancing days run run in our space hero suits
deerhunter vox celeste microcastle (weird era cont. = cd 2)